The Entrepreneur Immigration Pathway – Business Immigration to Canada via Business Purchase

Canada celebrates free markets and its people’s entrepreneurial spirit. As one of the most diverse countries in the world and one of the most developed economies, Canada allows its residents to work closely with foreigners and also allows foreigners to acquire existing or open new businesses in Canada. Purchasing or opening a business in Canada may allow a foreign national to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

Canada boasts some of the most stable investment sectors in the world and robust social programs, including universal health care. Like many prosperous countries, Canada also suffers from low birth rates. Consequently, the immigration of entrepreneurs who can create new jobs and attract even more immigrants will benefit the Canadian economy and will always find support from the government.

Entrepreneur Immigration Pathway: Requirements

Immigration of entrepreneurs requires them to have business experience and skills to manage a business in Canada. To immigrate through this route, a foreign entrepreneur must:

  1. Create a new business or sign an agreement to purchase an existing business in Canada.
  2. Agree on the temporary participation of a Canadian resident in the company in the role of owner and manager for the period of gaining Canadian experience (1st year)
  3. Obtain a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from the government.
  4. Obtain a work permit to conduct business.
  5. Meet the requirements of at least one of the immigration programs.

The Entrepreneur Immigration Pathway is not an immigration program. It is a combination of legal regulations that allows foreign businessmen to become permanent residents of Canada!

Who is eligible for the Entrepreneur Immigration Pathway?

In most cases, there are three categories of foreign entrepreneurs who can immigrate through the Entrepreneur Immigration Pathway:

  • Foreign entrepreneurs who own an established business outside Canada who wish to expand their business in Canada.
  • Foreign entrepreneurs who possess funds to launch a brand-new business in Canada.
  • Foreign entrepreneurs who possess funds to purchase an existing business in Canada.

Owner Operator Immigration Pathway

Immigration through the Entrepreneur Immigration Pathway is possible after obtaining a Canadian business and applying for permanent residence under one of the federal or provincial immigration programs.

Business consulting support from our partners

Immigration Canada PRO collaborates with a range of business consulting experts across Canada. Our partners possess years of experience in dealing with regulatory bodies, Canada Revenue Agency, federal, provincial, and municipal authorities, to help you purchase existing or establish a new business in Canada.

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Entrepreneur Immigration Pathway: Stages Before Arrival in Canada:

Stage 1: Preparing a business strategy

During the screening process, we will try to learn more about you and evaluate your specific situation. Based on your entrepreneurial experience, business consultants will develop a specific scenario for business development in the Canadian market. At this stage, our experts will help you conduct market research and industry analysis to determine a business strategy and legal procedures for registering a company in Canada.

Stage 2: Company Registration

After completing the market research, our business consultants will complete the company registration and draw up a business purchase plan. Our experts organize interaction with all specialists who will ensure the company’s proper functioning: lawyers, accountants, tax experts, marketers, and subcontractors.

Stage 3: Applying for an LMIA

To be allowed to hire you, a company must obtain permission from the government. Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) evaluates Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) applications. This document allows Canadian companies to support their work permit and permanent residence applications.

Stage 4: Applying for a Work Permit

A foreign national can apply for a work permit in Canada based on a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). A work permit is usually issued for a period of three years, which is enough to obtain grounds for the permanent residence application of the entrepreneur and his family.

Entrepreneur Immigration Pathway: Stages After Arrival in Canada:

Stage 5: Gaining Canadian work experience

At this stage, the entrepreneur gains Canadian work experience and receives all the skills to manage the company independently. One year of Canadian work experience and a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) will significantly increase your score in the federal Express Entry system, which in turn will help you qualify for permanent residence in Canada.

Stage 6: Applying for Permanent Residence in Canada

Once the entrepreneur has worked for one year in the company, we can register him/her in the Express Entry system to apply for permanent residence in Canada. After registration, you must wait for an invitation to apply (ITA). After receiving an ITA, we will submit a complete package of documents and send the application to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada for review.

Stage 7: Obtaining Permanent Residence in Canada

The government takes 6-8 months to process an application for permanent residence. Once all checks are completed, the applicant will receive an email notification asking them to send their passports or copies of their passports to their local Canada Visa Application Centre. After 3-4 weeks, you will receive a Confirmation of Permanent Residence for you and your family.

Stage 8: Entering into full ownership of the business

After receiving permanent residence in Canada, a foreign entrepreneur will fulfill all the conditions of the Entrepreneur Immigration Pathway and be able to fully acquire his/her business, becoming the owner and only shareholder of a Canadian company.

Getting a Canadian Citizenship

Once you obtain permanent resident status, you need to live three out of five years within Canada as a permanent resident to be eligible for Canadian Citizenship. Moreover, the Government of Canada counts the time you lived in Canada as a temporary resident as half a day for up to 365 days to meet the three-year residency requirement. This means that Entrepreneurs could become eligible for Canadian Citizenship faster if they lived in Canada for two or more years as a temporary residents.

The Entrepreneur Immigration Pathway is a great alternative for foreign entrepreneurs who cannot qualify for a Start-Up Visa or immigrate through other economic immigration programs. If you have sufficient financial resources to purchase or establish a business in Canada, we can help you to obtain Canadian permanent residence!

Why Should Foreign Entrepreneurs Work with Immigration Canada PRO?

Our team members have over ten years of experience dealing with Employment and Social Development Canada in the Labour Market Impact Assessment applications and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada in the Temporary and Permanent Residence applications. With our help, several hundreds of foreign nationals have successfully immigrated to Canada.

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