Nova Scotia Nominee Program: Skilled Worker Stream

Nova Scotia has become a highly favoured destination for immigrants around the world due to its strong economy and excellent quality of life. For those seeking to make Nova Scotia their home, the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) offers a range of immigration programs, including the Nova Scotia Skilled Worker stream.

The Nova Scotia Skilled Worker stream is very popular among prospective immigrants looking to advance their careers and establish a better life for themselves and their families. This stream is designed to cater to foreign workers and graduated international students, providing them with employment opportunities in Nova Scotia, thus helping them settle down and integrate into Canadian society.

Eligibility requirements for the NSNP Skilled Worker Stream

The main advantage of this program – it does not have a points system. Applicants must meet a few requirements to qualify for the Skilled Worker stream. Firstly, candidates must have a full-time permanent job offer from a Nova Scotia employer related to their work experience of at least one year. If the job falls under the Training, Education, Experience and Responsibilities (TEER) category 4 or 5 of the National Occupational Classification (NOC), the applicant must also possess at least six months of experience with the employer already.

In addition, candidates must be aged between 21 and 55 and hold at least a high school diploma. They must also possess the necessary training, skills, or accreditation for the position. If the job offer is classified as NOC TEER category 0, 1, 2, or 3, candidates must demonstrate language proficiency at Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) Level 5. However, if the candidate’s first language is English or French, proof of language proficiency is not required. Workers in a NOC TEER category 4 or 5 occupations must provide test results to demonstrate they meet CLB 4, even if their first language is English or French.

Finally, applicants must demonstrate sufficient financial resources to ensure a successful settlement in Nova Scotia. This would entail having enough funds to cover your basic living expenses, such as food, housing, transportation, and any additional expenses that may arise during your initial adjustment period.

Nova Scotia Nominee Program: Skilled Worker Stream

Why does the Skilled Worker stream is so popular?

The Nova Scotia Skilled Worker stream is an excellent program for foreign nationals interested to become permanent residents. The program offers a range of benefits such fast processing and in many cases, it is possible to start the immigration process immediately after the start of the work. Moreover, unlike other provincial immigration programs, there are no government fees required to pay for application processing.

The obtaining of the nomination of Nova Scotia enables two additional processes. First, it allows applying for a permanent residence in Canada. This stream is not linked to Express Entry and as such, the application is submitted to non-Express Entry PR Portal. In addition, along with the certificate of the nomination, the government of Nova Scotia issues a work permit letter, which in turn allows applying for a work permit. In some cases, spouses of the primary applicant will also be eligible for an open work permit.

This stream is an excellent option for international students who have recently graduated from a Canadian institution or foreign workers who are already in Canada and are seeking a way to apply for PR. All you need to do so is to find an employer in Nova Scotia!

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