Nova Scotia Nominee Program: Occupations in Demand Stream

The Occupations in Demand stream of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) offers a pathway to permanent residency for foreign nationals with a full-time permanent job offer from a Nova Scotia employer in high-demand occupations. This stream provides a faster and more streamlined pathway to permanent residency in Canada while also meeting the labour market needs of the province.

Eligibility criteria

The Occupations in Demand stream has specific eligibility criteria that applicants must meet to be considered for the program. These criteria are implemented to ensure that the applicants have the qualifications and skills to succeed in the province. The main requirements are:

A job offer

All applicants must have a full-time permanent job offer from a Nova Scotia employer in one of the following NOC codes to be considered for the stream:

  • NOC 33102 (Nurse Aides)
  • NOC 65200 (Food and beverage servers)
  • NOC 65201 (Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers and related support occupations)
  • NOC 65310 (Light duty cleaners)
  • NOC 73300 (Transport truck drivers)
  • NOC 73400 (Heavy equipment operators)
  • NOC 75110 (Construction trades helpers and labourers)

Nova Scotia Nominee Program: Occupations in Demand Stream

Work experience

All applicants must also have one year of work experience related to the job. The work experience should demonstrate the applicant’s expertise in the field and ability to perform the duties of the position effectively and have the appropriate training, skills, and accreditation for the job. In addition, applicants must have the necessary training and skills to perform the job duties effectively. This can include formal education, specialized training, on-the-job experience, and industry-specific certifications or accreditations.


To be eligible for the NSNP occupations in demand stream, all applicants must fall within the age range of 21 to 55. This age range has been identified as the most suitable for this program, as it provides a balance between the need for experienced workers and the potential for long-term contributions to the Canadian economy.


In addition, all applicants are required to have a high school diploma to meet the eligibility criteria. This means anyone who has completed their high school education is welcome to apply. However, while a high school diploma is a minimum requirement, having additional qualifications or work experience in a related field could significantly improve your chances of being selected.

Proof of language proficiency

To qualify for the occupations in demand stream, all applicants must demonstrate language proficiency in English or French commensurate with Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) Level 4. This requirement applies to all applicants, regardless of whether English or French is their first language. It is important to note that the CLB Level 4 standard is an essential criterion for the selection process, as it ensures that applicants have the necessary language skills to communicate effectively at work and in everyday life.

Settlement funds

To be eligible for the NSNP’s Occupations in Demand stream, all applicants must demonstrate that they have sufficient financial resources to settle in Nova Scotia successfully. This requirement is in place to ensure that applicants will be able to support themselves and their families upon arrival in the province.

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