Immigration for workers is possible after participation in the International Experience Canada (IEC). The IEC is a program that allows young foreigners to obtain a Work Permit in Canada for a period of one year. This initiative was developed by Canada in collaboration with other countries to increase international cultural exchange and global youth mobility of young people aged 18 to 30 (18 to 35 years old for Australia). Canada has such agreements with 35 countries and territories.

There are three categories in International Experience Canada: “Working Holiday”, “International Co-op Internship”, and “Young Professionals”. The most popular category of the program is the “Working Holiday”, as this is the only category in which you do not need to have a job offer. To apply in the other two categories, you will need to have a job offer, however, job offers in the IEC are LMIA-exempt.

Twelve months will be not enough time to gain at least one year of Canadian Work Experience, however, it may enable you several opportunities to become a Permanent Resident of Canada. First of all, you can apply again for another category of IEC to get another Work Permit, however, there might be a requirement of time you need to spend in your home country before the second application. Not all countries are allowed to apply for IEC for the second time. Secondly, you can build a strong relationship with your employer so he can apply for LMIA or simply offer you a position to support your second IEC application. Finally, the time spent in Canada will improve your knowledge skills, so you may score enough points in the Express Entry.

International Experience Canada consists of the following stages:

Stage 1: Preparation of the initial package of documents

At this stage, you will receive instructions on all the necessary documents. These documents are required to register you with the International Experience Canada pool of candidates. We will also check all additional program conditions for your country.

Stage 2: Creating a profile International Experience Canada

We will register your profile in the pool of International Experience Canada candidates and provide the Department of Immigration with all the necessary information about you.

Stage 3: Invitation to Apply

Once your IEC profile is created, the Federal government knows that you are willing to come to Canada to get work experience. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) holds rounds of invitations in the IEC every week. The invitation season opens in early January and closes in October. When you get an Invitation to Apply, we will submit your application for a Work Permit.

Stage 4: Applying for a Work Permit

To work in Canada you will need proper documents from the Canadian government. During this stage, you also receive the instruction regarding the documents we will need to apply for a Work Permit.

Stage 5: Work in Canada

Once your application for a Work Permit under the IEC has been approved, you can come to Canada. Your Work Permit will be issued by the border officer when you land in Canada.

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