Immigration to Canada. October 2019

Immigration to Canada in October 2019. Immigration Canada PRO presents the analysis of data about permanent residence admissions for the last month. How many immigrants came to Canada, where did they settle and where did they come from? You will find all the answers in our report.

How many people received permanent residence in October?

According to official data from the Ministry of Immigration, in October 2019, Canada received 31,245 immigrants, which is 4,295 fewer than in September. Among the new permanent residents, 11,815 immigrated as skilled workers under one of the three federal programs.

6,570 immigrants received a residence permit through one of the provincial programs. This month, Canada received 305 business immigrants (including self-employed, entrepreneurs, and investors). The total number of economic immigrants was 18,690, or 59.8% of the total.

Immigration to Canada with Immigration Canada PRO

In addition, in October Canada accepted 5,560 sponsored spouses, 1,470 sponsored parents and grandparents, 335 sponsored children, and 25 other sponsored family members. In total, Canada granted a permanent residence to 7,415 members of Canadians’ families. This number amounted to 23.7% of the total number of October immigrants.

Finally, Canada provided permanent residence to 4,430 refugees and protected persons. Refugees accounted for 14.1% of the number of October immigrants. Another 670 people (2.4%) became residents of the country under special circumstances.

As of October 31, 2019, Canada greeted 295,205 new immigrants.

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Immigration to Canada: where did the immigrants settle?

Immigration to Canada with Immigration Canada PRO

Most of the October immigrants arrived in Ontario – 13,435 people. British Columbia welcomed 4,565 new residents. Alberta became the third most popular province with 4,210 new residents. Quebec accepted 3,960 new immigrants. 1,775 new Canadians chose to settle in Manitoba. Another 1,635 immigrants chose Saskatchewan.

Four Atlantic provinces together received 1,615 immigrants:

  • Nova Scotia – 765 immigrants
  • New Brunswick – 525 immigrants
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – 170 immigrants
  • Prince Edward Island – 155 immigrants

Three northern territories became home to 45 immigrants: Yukon received 25 of them, and the Northwest Territories and Nunavut received 10 people each.

Immigration to Canada: where did the new immigrants come from?

Immigration to Canada with Immigration Canada PRO

The top 10 countries of origin of Canadian immigrants in October were traditionally led by India. 8,000 immigrants, or 25.6% of the total, arrived in Canada from India. The second place in the list of new residents of the country was taken by China – 2,640 immigrants or 8.4%. The Philippines took third place in October – 2,295 immigrants, or 7.3% of the total. The Syrians were the fourth largest group of new Canadians – 1,130 new arrivals, or 3.6%. Nigeria became the fifth country of origin of immigrants in October – 1,040 or 3.3%.

Other countries of the top ten were: the United States of America – 935 (3.0%); Eritrea – 895 (2.9%), Pakistan – 870 (2.8%); South Korea – 570 (1.8%); and the United Kingdom (including overseas territories) – 545 (1.7%).

Immigration data is rounded to the nearest multiple of five.

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