Ideal candidate for Express Entry in 2020

During 2019 the passing score in Express Entry remained extremely high and did not fall below 450 points. The last time such a score was recorded in February.

How many people received invitations this year?
You can view the history of Express Entry invitation rounds in 2019 on this page.

Идеальный кандидат для Express Entry в 2019 году

What are the points awarded for?

Canada’s Department of Immigration gives points for four key factors: age, education, work experience, and language skills. In addition, the government greatly appreciates candidates who have Canadian experience and study in Canada.

Thus, for a completed master’s program at a Canadian university, a candidate can get an additional 30 points, as well as for a three-year college education! For a one- or two-year course, you can get 15 points! And in just 1 year of Canadian work experience, you can get 35 or 40 points, depending on the civil status of the candidate.

To some extent, we can even conclude that Canada discriminates against candidates who are not in Canada, which is understandable because those who are already here are more adapted to life in the country.

So, who is the perfect candidate for Express Entry in 2020?

And yet, who has the best chance of immigrating to Canada through Express Entry without Canadian experience? Our experts analyzed all the factors and put together a portrait of the ideal candidate.

The government is focused on young, educated and talented people. For this reason, great importance is given to age. A candidate between the ages of 20 and 29 can get the maximum number of points for age.

As for language skills, to get adaptability bonus points, you need to score at least 8.0 for listening and 7.0 for speaking, reading and writing in the IELTS exam. A combination of 8777 is a must. Without these grades for IELTS, getting an invitation will be very difficult.

An ideal candidate should have a master’s degree, as well as three years of work experience in his homeland, and one year of work should be continuous work experience.

How many points will such a candidate get?

Such a candidate (if he/she is not married) scores 469 points, and this would be enough to receive an invitation to apply for a PR. In 2019, this score was satisfying in 20 out of 26 invitation rounds.

How can I get more points?

You can increase your score in your profile in several ways. First, start learning French. For the knowledge of French, you can get a bonus of 15 to 30 points, depending on the level of the language.

It will also be helpful to find an employer in Canada. Having an employer who got permission to hire a foreign worker can add you as much as 50 points!

Finally, you can try to immigrate through some provincial programs.

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