How to increase Express Entry points?

The average cut-off scores in Express Entry have risen substantially over the past year. Unfortunately, as a result of that, getting an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada has become more difficult. Moreover, during 2020, the number of people who register in the system grew by almost 50,000! It is also worth mentioning an increasing number of provincial programs that are linked to the Express Entry system, and after all, each candidate who receives a provincial nomination receives 600 points in his profile. This is almost a 99% guarantee of receiving an invitation to submit documents for permanent residence in Canada. So what can you do in this case? – Increase your points in Express Entry!

How can I increase my points in Express Entry in 2021?

As we all know, the Canadian government grants most of the points for four main factors: knowledge of the English language, education, work experience and age. Besides, the government adds points for having siblings living in Canada. There are several ways you can increase points in Express Entry. Below we have collected all the existing methods for you.

Learn French (Updated!)

Canada is a bilingual country. And besides Quebec, several hundred thousand Canadians speak French. For example, New Brunswick is a bilingual province, and there are fairly large French-speaking communities in northern Ontario and Manitoba. After all, working for the government often requires to know French. Moreover, on October 27, 2020, Canada added points for knowledge of French in Express Entry!

Now, candidates who reach CLB level 7 in French can earn an extra 25 points. Previously, CLB 7 in French gave only 15 points. As for bilinguals who know both official languages, instead of 30 bonus points, you can get as much as 50 points! To get them, you must have CLB 7 in French and at least CLB 5 in English! Thus, thanks to the knowledge of the French language, you can increase your CRS score by 50 points!

Improve your English test score

Very often, our customers make a mistake, believing that passing English tests at the minimum level required for the program eligibility is enough. Moreover, points for language knowledge make up almost a third of all possible points that the main applicant can get. This is simple math – with a maximum score of English, the main applicant can get 128 points if he is married, and 136 points if he is single! Add to this a potential 100 points for adaptability and you will understand how important English is for immigrating to Canada.

Language knowledge of spouses

Did you know that if your spouse scores English or French at CLB level 9, then this can add as much as 20 points to your profile? With CLB level 5-6, it can be only 4 points, but sometimes even they are crucial!
How to increase Express Entry points?

Improve your education

The higher your level of education, the more points you will receive for it! So if you improve your bachelor to a master’s degree, you can get an additional 14 points if you are married and 15 points if you’re single. And if you have no intention to do a master’s degree, you can simply take a one-year course, which will bring another 7 or 8 points, depending on your marital status.

Study in Canada

Another great way to increase your score and simply significantly increase your chances to become a permanent resident of Canada is to apply for a program at a Canadian university or college. In addition to studying in Canada, you can stay on a Post-Graduate Work Permit for up to three years after graduation, which in turn opens up many opportunities. Furthermore, graduation from an education program in Canada can give you additional points. So for one or two years of study in Canada, you can get a bonus of 15 points. And if your program lasts three years or more, or if it was a master’s degree program, you can count on +30 points in your profile.

Get a job offer from a Canadian employer

Finding a job in Canada is a great option to raise your score. If you received a job offer from a Canadian employer, supported by a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), you can move to Canada on a work permit even before obtaining permanent residence and also get +50 points to your profile in Express Entry. And if you are a top manager, then your job offer can give you as much as 200 points!

Get a provincial nomination

Today, there are already more than twenty provincial programs that are aligned with Express Entry. Having a nomination from one of the provinces automatically means receiving an additional 600 points. In turn, receiving a provincial nomination almost guarantees that you get an invitation to apply for PR in Canada in the first round of Express Entry after receiving the nomination.

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