From Korea to Canada: immigration, study and work

Canada remains to be one of the most popular destinations for South Koreans. Many young South Koreans come from Korea to Canada to study or to work, as well as many skilled workers decide to move here permanently as immigrants.

What are the opportunities for citizens of the Republic of Korea in Canada?

Immigration Canada Pro provides a brief overview of education, employment and immigration options for South Koreans.

From Korea to Canada: immigration, study and work

Immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker

In 2018, 4,800 South Koreans permanently immigrated from Korea to Canada and became permanent residents of Canada. As of October 31, 2019, 5,290 citizens of the Republic of Korea immigrated here. This is an increase of almost 30% compared to the same period in 2018 and the final number of 2019 will surpass the figures for 2018. Koreans are the ninth-largest group of immigrants in 2019.

Immigrate from Korea to Canada

Immigrate from Korea to Canada

Like all other foreign nationals, South Koreans can immigrate from Korea to Canada in several immigration pathways. Two easiest of them are Federal Skilled Worker Program served by the Express Entry selection system or one of the Provincial Nominee Programs.

Why Koreans immigrate to Canada? Our country is one of the most diverse and multicultural countries in the world. Canadians are one of the most tolerant people. A highly developed economy enables plenty of professional opportunities for immigrants. Altogether, Canada attracts Koreans as a lovely and safe place to live and work.

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Study in Canada as an international student

Canada offers one of the best student experiences in the world. Graduate and undergraduate programs allow international students to gain top-level education that is competitive all over the world. Another advantage of Canadian colleges and universities is a tuition fee, which is much more affordable comparing to universities and colleges in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Study in Canada

Study in Canada

In 2018, 16,885 students from Korea came to Canada to pursue an academic degree. In the first ten months of 2019, another 15,460 international students from South Korea obtained a study permit in Canada.

To study in Canada, an international student needs to get a study permit, a document that authorizes them to study in Canadian educational institutions. In some cases, international students can also get a scholarship and a funding package. In addition, study permit holders can work on campus and limited time off-campus, to get some money to cover their living expenses. Married students can bring their spouses and children with them. Moreover, spouses of international students can apply for an open work permit and legally work while you study.

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Finally, successful completion of your studies opens a door for Post-Graduate Work Permit for a period of up to three years and plenty of opportunities to immigrate under the Canadian Experience Class or provincial streams for international graduates in the future.

Work in Canada as a foreign worker in the International Experience Canada program

In most cases, a foreign national needs to find an employer before the application for a work permit in Canada. Foreigners must have authorization from the Canadian government to work in Canada. Moreover, employers must obtain a permit to hire a foreign worker.

Work in Canada

Work in Canada

Nevertheless, young citizens of several countries who have a bilateral agreement with Canada can enjoy the benefits of youth mobility and cultural exchange. South Korea and Canada have such agreement under the International Experience Canada (IEC) program. Korean youth can participate in the Working Holiday category of the IEC.

In 2019, Canada invited 7,349 South Koreans aged 18-30 to apply for a work permit in the Working Holiday category. The best thing about this program is that you don’t need an employer to come to Canada. You can get an open work permit which means you will be entitled to work for any employer.

The work permit in the IEC can be issued for up to 12 months. This time may be enough to polish your English and establish connections in Canada. Successful work may result in an invitation to work in Canada for your employer under the other programs for temporary workers, and finally, may open an immigration opportunity based on your Canadian experience.

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