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Many Canadian employers often experience problems with filling the positions in their companies. Struggling to find a proper candidate to cover a labour shortage may take several months. Even when you get qualified candidates, it may be challenging to hire them due to multiple factors such as your location, compensation rate, or high competition in the field.

An additional problem when hiring a local worker is staff turnover. Canadian employees usually stay loyal to you only until the moment when a competitor offers them more. Usually, shortly after that, they demand a new bargain with you to improve their wage. It is really great when your budget allows you to improve the agreement with an employee, but what to do if you have no opportunity to beat the job offer of the competitor? Even worse is a situation when both you and your employee know that it will be hard to quickly find an adequate replacement.

Is there a solution? Yes, Hire a Temporary Foreign Worker!

Immigration Canada PRO gets a lot of requests from foreign nationals seeking to find a job in Canada. In addition, our company specializes in helping Canadian employers to find skilled foreign workers to fill the gaps in their labour force. Our success rate in the Labour Market Impact Assessment applications is one of the highest in the industry!

What does the government offer?What is LMIA?How to obtain LMIA?What we offer?What will LMIA give you?What occupations we have?What does the foreign worker get?
The Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) allows Canadian employers to recruit foreign workers in the case when they are unable to find local workers. Such workers can help the national economy to keep growing. To be allowed to hire a foreign worker, Canadian employers must obtain a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
An LMIA is a document from the government, that confirms that hiring a foreign worker will have a positive effect not only on your business but on the national economy. It also confirms, that your company is performing well and may be eligible for hiring new foreign workers in the future.
Contact Immigration Canada Pro to act on your behalf with the government bodies. We will assist you in all advertising and recruitment procedures and prepare your application to ESDC/Service Canada, demonstrating that you met all the requirements to find a Canadian worker.
Our company regularly gets about 150-200 inquiries monthly from the foreign nationals seeking to immigrate to Canada but not qualifying to any immigration program. Their only chance for permanent residence is finding a job in Canada and getting Canadian work experience, which in turn will make them eligible for several economic immigration programs. Several skilled trade occupations in Canada require obtaining a provincial license to practice. We assist foreign workers to get all required licensing to be able to perform their duties.
Foreign workers whose job offer is supported by LMIA can apply for an employer-specific work permit. This means that they will not be allowed to work for any other employer except you for the duration of the work permit. LMIA-based job offers are signed for two years. This period of time is considered adequate by the government for a foreign worker to apply for permanent residence. This means you can get peace of mind for two years, knowing that your worker will not quit with short notice. In addition, you get a loyal worker, grateful to you for helping him/her to immigrate to Canada. Upon the end of the contract, if the worker does not want to continue with you, you can hire new foreign workers.
In 90% of all enquiries, we are contacted by foreign nationals working in skilled trades occupations. Usually, these workers work in such occupations as:

  • Electricians
  • Welders
  • Carpenters
  • Mechanics and Automenchanics
  • Plumbers
  • Construction workers
  • Appliance Repair technicians
  • Truck Drivers
  • IT specialists
  • Logistics specialists
  • Administrative and Office workers
  • Marketing and Advertising specialists
  • Sales managers
  • Cooks, Bakers and Butchers
  • Agricultural specialist, and many more
The foreign worker gets an opportunity to fundamentally change the life of his/her family. Canada is one of the best places in the world for living and that is why so many foreigners wish to settle here. The foreign worker has an opportunity to bring his/her spouse and children to Canada and move to Canada within a few months. After working on a contract with you, this worker may become a Canadian permanent resident.

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