Other Canadian Business Immigration Programs

Business immigration to Canada exists both at the federal level and at the provincial level. Quebec also has a separate business immigration programs. Among the many programs for immigration to Canada for entrepreneurs, there are several types:

Programs for Self-Employed

These programs allow self-employed individuals with significant experience in certain cultural activities and professional sport to apply for immigration to Canada.

Programs for Start-Ups

Foreign start-ups can get permission to immigrate with funding and support from investors, as well as a unique business plan.

Programs for Investors

These immigration programs are designed for people who have the investment funds, which they are willing to invest in the Canadian economy in return for acquiring Canadian residency.

Programs for Entrepreneurs

Such programs are designed for enterprising foreigners who have their own capital and experience in managing a business. Such entrepreneurs may apply to open a business in Canada.

Federal Business Immigration Programs

The goal of Canadian business immigration programs is to promote the development of the Canadian economy and increase employment by attracting investors, entrepreneurs and innovative technologies. Canadian business immigration programs also aim to develop new business opportunities and improve access to growing overseas markets, welcoming people who are familiar with these markets.

Start-Up Visa Program

To immigrate under the federal Start-Up Visa Program, you must have $200,000 CAD if the investment comes from a recognized Canadian venture fund or incubator, or have $75,000 CAD from a Canadian angel investor. Obtaining a permanent residence under this program occurs immediately after arriving in Canada.

Self-Employed Persons Program

In order to immigrate under the Self-Employed Persons Program, you must have at least 2 years of relevant experience over the past 5 years. Obtaining a permanent residence under this program occurs immediately after arriving in Canada. In addition, a number of other criteria must also be met.

Provincial Business Immigration Programs

In order to immigrate under business streams of the Provincial Nominee Programs you will need to meet all business requirements, provincial immigration requirements, i.e. to get a Nomination of the Province, and finally, meet the federal immigration requirements.

Provincial Entrepreneur Streams

Most Provincial Business Immigration Programs are aimed at foreign entrepreneurs who are willing to open a new or purchase an existing business within a specific province. There are over a dozen different provincial programs for entrepreneurs, and the requirements of those programs vary from province to province.

Farm Owners and Operators Streams

Some provinces promote business immigration streams for farmers and agrifood specialists. You will need to demonstrate the ability to operate a farm and invest enough funds in your business.

International Graduate Entrepreneurs Streams

In some provinces, there are programs for International Graduate Entrepreneurs. Such streams have been created to encourage the business initiatives of international students graduating in those provinces.

Permanent Residence Issuance Statistics

Disclaimer: All decisions on your application are made solely by the Government of Canada and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada in particular. The immigration consultant cannot guarantee a positive decision. The immigration consultant can only maximize your chances for a positive decision by properly preparing your application.

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